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Welcome to the Charleston County Democratic Party in Charleston, SC


Our party is working to take a bold new direction for a secure America. Our vision is for:

Energy Independence.  We want a national policy that will make for a stronger America less dependent on foreign oil.

Educational Excellence and Economic Prosperity.  We know that education is the key to independence and success and are willing to pay for it.

Retirement Security.  The right and expectation of every American is a strong, financially secure social security system. We will work to ensure that right.

Health care.  Over 36 industrialized nations have affordable, high quality health care. We should and can too.

Honest Leadership and Open Government.  We will restore government to be as good as those it serves.

Security.  We will support our troops abroad and on their return and will be truthful to them, our citizens, and allies. We will protect our citizens without compromising their rights.


A Few Words from the County Chair

Charleston Pride
Saturday, May 15th


Post and Courier Article on Charleston Pride

May 19th

Andrea Miller and Rick Sumner from Virginia
protesting in front of Senator Jim DeMint's office in Charleston

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Independent free polls

Is the Government MORALLY obligated to provide healthcare?
YES, the government is morally obligated
NO, the government is not morally obligated free polls

What about Joe?

Should Congressman Joe Wilson resign for calling President Obama a liar?
Yes, he's a disgrace to the state of South Carolina.
No, let him stay and vote Rob Miller into office.
No, I agree with him.
I really don't care either way. free polls

What about Mark?

What should happen to Mark Sanford in view of his abuse of the office of Governor?
He should be impeached and allowed to retire.
He should be impeached and serve prison time.
He should be allowed to resign and prison.
He should stay in office and elect a Democrat in 2010.
He should stay in office after all he's repented.
He should be given a one way ticket to Argentina.
I don't care what happens. free polls

What about Andre?

Given his Stray Animal comments, What should be done about Lt. Governor Bauer?
He should be impeached.
He should be ignored.
He needs to apoligize to the people of South Carolina.
Nothing. I agree with him. free polls

What about Jim?

Should Senator Jim DeMint be charged with treason for threatening to "break" President Obama?
He should be impeached and be tried for treason.
He should resign but not be charged.
He can stay but vote him out.
I like the guy.
I don't care. free polls

What about President Obama?

How is President Barack Obama doing?
Excellent beyond all expectations
Better than expected
About as expected
Below expectations
Far below expectations
Dismal free polls


Food for Thought

A banker is a fellow who lends you his umbrella when the sun is shining, but wants it back the minute it begins to rain." -Mark Twain

( To see coverage of the Progressive Democrats of America's National Grassroots Leadership Conference, go to Cleveland Blog: PDA Leadership Conference )

Oldest Living Democrat in South Carolina
103 year old Edna Gordon of Estill, SC



4925 LaCross Road 
 North Charleston
 Phone:  843-577-6000
Please volunteer to help us staff the office.  

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Charleston County Democratic Party
PO Box 21422
Charleston, SC 29413
(843) 577-6000

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