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Charleston Democrats

                 …for the people

  I’m ready to be involved.  Sign me up for the:


___ Precinct Leadership Team ___Candidate Recruitment Team


___Fundraising Team     ___Program and Outreach Team


___Data Management Team     ___GOTV Team


___Legislative Action Network ___Community Action Network


Name_______________________ Email__________________________________________


Phone_______________________ Zip Code:  ______________________________________



George Tempel, Executive Chair

758 Sprague St.

Charleston, SC 29412


Please check all that apply.  I have a special interest in:


___Early voting ___Health Care ___Education ___Energy Renewal



My special skills include:

 ___Making phone calls ___Data entry ___Helping at events

___Communicating via writing ___Communicating via speaking

___Campaign & Election Day experience

___Computer, email, website skills graphic design.  Please describe.  


 ___My special talent(s) include:  




Be Involved. 

Be Responsible for Electing Democrats in 2010.  

Join a Team.

Legislative Action Network

This group will focus on educating citizens on the issues of importance to Democrats (e.g. early voting, health care reform, energy renewal, education) and taking appropriate action. 

Community Action Network

This group will focus on reaching out to the community and through its actions foster our core Democratic principles.

Political Operations

This group is at the heart of the political processes that develop precinct leaders, recruit and support candidates, manage data, get out the vote for elections, fundraise to support political goals, and build communication

Precinct Leadership Team:  This committee uses its expert knowledge to learn votebuilder, pre-election and Election Day strategies, and organizational skills and passes them on to candidates and regional and precinct leaders. 

Fundraising Team:  This committee works with the Leadership Committee to set financial goals based on routine and GOTV expenses, leads the finance drive, creates ideas for fundraising strategies and events, and ensures the financial well being of the Charleston Democratic Party. 

Candidate Recruitment & Support Team:  This committee identifies, recruits, and promotes qualified candidates for all Democratic elected positions.   

Program and Outreach Team:  This committee plans programs for the regular Executive Committee meetings, facilitates communication between elected officials and the party on the issues, and takes steps to plan outreach activities for Democrats to get together outside of business meetings and bring new Democrats into the organization.   

Website and Public Relations Team:  This committee keeps the website up to date and seeks opportunities to promote party activities and issues via other media.

Data Management Team:  This committee keeps up to date databases of contact information for elected officials, candidates, precinct leaders, volunteers, and donors.  This may also includes resources for candidates including returns from previous elections, lists of community organizations, precinct and district maps, etc. 

GOTV (Get out the Vote Team:  This committee puts the "get the vote" strategies and plans in place to turn out the vote and win elections.  


Food for Thought

A banker is a fellow who lends you his umbrella when the sun is shining, but wants it back the minute it begins to rain." -Mark Twain

( To see coverage of the Progressive Democrats of America's National Grassroots Leadership Conference, go to Cleveland Blog: PDA Leadership Conference )

Oldest Living Democrat in South Carolina
103 year old Edna Gordon of Estill, SC



4925 LaCross Road 
 North Charleston
 Phone:  843-577-6000
Please volunteer to help us staff the office.  

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Charleston County Democratic Party
PO Box 21422
Charleston, SC 29413
(843) 577-6000

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Be A Volunteer...we need you!!!!

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